aerial photography of body of water by rock formation at daytime

Come as a friend and leave as family.

On Eleuthera Island, you will find yourself surrounded by the untouched beauty of nature and vibrant locals who make your heart smile. Make the most of the island life with many must-see attractions, natural landmarks and beautiful pink sand beaches. We are eager to co-create an experience that is right for you.

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Island Exploration Experiences

An Unspoiled Island Perspective

Blue hole Eleuthera grotto

Blue Hole

Thrill-seekers from around the globe visit the world-famous inland saltwater lake on Eleuthera island. Let your adventurous spirit guide you as you jump into the striking blue pool, which is claimed to be mysteriously bottomless.

woman surfing during daytime

Surfer's Beach

This renowned surfing beach has made headlines for its great left break overlooking a deep Caribbean reef. For those interested in beachcombing, Surfer’s Beach boasts some of the best sea glass collecting on the island.

Man enjoying at beach

Queen’s Bath

Witness the beauty of dramatic waves crashing over sunken craters to create pools warmed by the sun. The iconic landmark draws visitors from many neighboring islands.

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Preacher's Cave

Located at the northernmost tip of Eleuthera, Preacher’s Cave, a now historic site, was known as a place of refuge for those who sought religious freedom in 1648. History tells us that the first English settlers became shipwrecked and took refuge on this picturesque part of the island.

aerial photo of body of water

Glass Window Bridge

Discover the striking juxtaposition of calm blue waters and rough navy waves at the famous Glass Window Bridge, one of Eleuthera’s most popular attractions and referred to as the “narrowest place on Earth.”

Hatchet Bay Cave on Eleuthera Island in Bahamas

Hatchet Bay Cave

This expansive cave boasts more than three levels of rock formations, striking stalactites and centuries-old charcoal signatures to line the walls. Allow our Guest Experience Team to guide you through this compelling monument.

Ocean waves in Bahamas during sunset

Spanish Wells

Off Eleuthera’s northern tip lies St. George’s Cay, the site of Spanish Wells; fishing capital of The Bahamas. During this excursion, indulge in the fresh lobster harvest from local Bahamian fishermen.

white sand beach

Gaulding Cay Beach

Uncover an idyllic setting for a refreshing swim and unparalleled Caribbean snorkeling, just a few short miles from our resort. Allow our Guest Experience Team to handcraft a light picnic lunch to complete your relaxing day by the crystal cove.

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Harbour Island

Known for its New England inspired architecture and a variety of local restaurants and retail shops, a tour of Harbour Island is not to be missed. Take a stroll down its iconic pink-sand beaches for a memorable moment worth sharing.

view of the beach and ocean

The Cow & The Bull

This unique land formation consists of two boulders that resemble a bull and two cows from one angle, and, a bull and one cow from another. As you look out on the Caribbean, listen for the sounds of a bull as the ocean breeze passes through.

green trees under cloudy sky during sunset

Leon Levy Preserve

Explore the bounty of a 25-acre Leon Levy Preserve site used to raise the awareness of Bahamian plant diversity and bush medicine.

Local Area Tours

Blue Hole Bahamas grotto

Northern Island Tour

Uncover some of the most scenic locations on the island with stops at Queens Bath, The Cow and The Bull, Glass Window Bridge and Preacher’s Cave. End the day with an unmatched snorkeling experience in Eluthera’s famous Blue Hole.

grey starfish on grey sand underwater

Hatchet Bay Cave & Sweetings Pond Seahorse Experience

Explore the Hatchet Bay Cave for a historic island experience followed by a tour of Sweetings Pond, recognized as a site of special ecological value and home to a large number of seahorses and brittle stars.

man taking a woman on an Eleuthera Island tour

Central & South Island Tour

Experience a full-day excursion to popular Bahamian destinations such as the Ocean Hole, a natural “blue hole” that the locals claim to be mysteriously bottomless or the Ten Bay Cave, an extensive cave system with at least six separate entrances.