charter boat on the water near a rock

Set sail on a guided fishing excursion from an unspoiled island perspective.

Offered as a premium activity during our private boat charter, enjoy an idyllic fishing setting, explore the crystal blue waters and discover marine life as you snorkel over colorful Caribbean reefs.

For additional pricing information and to learn more about our fishing excursions, please contact our Guest Experience Team.


Fine subtlety and stealth paired with the clear blue waters of the Caribbean make for an unmatched bonefishing experience off the Island of Eleuthera. Allow our experienced captain to teach you a few learned skills before you dive in.


Conch Diving

On this authentic Bahamian excursion, cruise into turquoise blue waters for an unrivaled snorkeling experience through a native conch garden, customary to the waters of the Caribbean.


Deep Bottom Fishing

Allow our experienced captain to guide your journey to the underwater canyons of Spanish Wells where you will learn the basics of bottom fishing from a local Bahamian expert.


Deep Sea Fishing

Set out on the water for a guided deep sea excursion unlike any other with our local fishing experts. Our experienced captain is eager to share his knowledge and skills with guests new to the sport.


Sea Adventure – Fishbone Tours

Embark on a one-of-a-kind fishing excursion to Starfish Lagoon, known for yellowtail, muttonfish and predatory barracuda that inhabit the waters. On-board, you will enjoy a fresh sea-to-table epicurean experience as you make your way to Savannah Sound to find native hawksbills, loggerheads and green turtles.