aerial photography of palm trees and the beach in Bahamas

Feel completely at home on a perfectly unspoiled Caribbean island.

There is beauty in simplicity and naturally serene places that take your breath away without even trying. On Eleuthera Island, you will be reminded of that. To learn more or reserve your experience, please contact our resort hosts.

aerial photo of the beach

Our Twin Coves

Our two private beaches are among the most beautiful and serene in the Bahamas. Allow our beach attendants to craft the perfect setting for your ideal day on the sand. Indulge in culinary delights, refreshing cocktails, fresh coconut from our beach menu and soak in the beauty and serenity oceanside.

man snorkeling in Bahamas

Gaulding Cay Beach

An idyllic setting for a refreshing swim or impressive Caribbean snorkeling. Complete your experience with a handcrafted light picnic lunch to accent your relaxing day by the crystal cove.

woman surfing during daytime

Surfer's Beach

Located just a few miles south of Gregory Town, this renowned surfing beach has made headlines for its great left break overlooking a deep Caribbean reef. For those interested in beachcombing, Surfer’s Beach boasts some of the best sea glass collecting on the island.

aerial view of seashore

Preacher's Beach

Embark on a northern island tour to uncover the history of our secluded destination. Following your stop at Preacher’s Cave, unwind and savor life’s simple delights at the neighboring Preacher’s Beach, an iconic pink beach along the Eleuthera coast.