Ocean View at The Cove Eleuthera Bahamas

Island Activities 

There are endless opportunities for thrilling exploration on the island. Eleuthera has many must-see attractions, natural landmarks and beautiful pink sand beaches. Our Guest Experience Team is always available to help with travel arrangements. 

Island Tours

This tour includes a stop at Ocean Hole, a natural “blue hole” that the locals claim to be mysteriously bottomless. In actuality, the hole is an inland salt water lake, located a mile from the ocean, that, remarkably, is filled with salt water sea life and rises with the tides. Ten Bay Cave, also known as Bats Cave, is a fairly extensive cave system with at least six separate entrances. 

Central & South Island Tour

Not to be confused with blue holes, these ponds, found all over Eleuthera and throughout the Bahamas, are called Anchialine Ponds, derived from the Greek word anchi, meaning “near,” and halos, meaning “sea.”

Hatchet Bay Cave and Sweetings Pond Sea Horse Experience

Hatchet Bay Cave is an expansive cave with more than three levels of rock formations and striking stalactites. The cave is home to hundreds of leaf-nosed bats. Sweetings Pond is recognized as a site of special ecological value, as it is home to a large number of seahorses and brittle stars. 

Leon Levy Preserve

Known as “Briland” by its inhabitants, Harbour Island is approximately 3.5 miles long by 1.5 miles wide. Offering some of the best restaurants and shopping in the Bahamas, a tour of Harbour Island is not to be missed. A stroll down its picturesque pink sand beaches is a must.

Harbour Island

Off Eleuthera’s northern tip lies St. George’s Cay, the site of Spanish Wells. Spanish Wells is predominantly a fishing village and is rightly referred to as the fishing capital of the Bahamas. The main catch harvested by local fishermen is Bahamian Lobster or “crawfish” as it is referred to by the islanders.

Spanish Wells 

This tour includes stops at some of the most scenic locations on the island. Queens Bath, The Cow & The Bull, Glass Window Bridge, and Preacher's Cave. In addition to visiting these one-of-a-kind locations, you will have the opportunity to swim and snorkel in Eluthera's famous Blue Hole. 

Northern Island 

Additional Adventures

Take a kayak and paddle to the world-famous Current Cut. Cruise past grouper, hogfish, giant snapper and nurse sharks along the edge of the natural channel between Eleuthera and Current Island. You may even experience an up-close encounter with the resident school of spotted eagle rays. Price does not include transportation.

Kayak and Snorkeling Adventure

Explore Eleuthera’s surfing spots, such as the famed Surfer’s Beach, perfect for beginners and experienced surfers alike. Best suited for 1-2 guests. Private instruction and board are included. 


The waters around Harbour Island offer some of the best diving in the Bahamas, boasting exquisite coral reefs, grottos, underwater blow holes, high-speed drift dives and wall and wreck dives. Whether you are an avid diver or are exploring the underwater world for the first time, we can accommodate your skill level and needs. Shared charter; equipment rental is an additional fee; transportation is not included.


The Adventure Tour includes a snorkeling excursion and a visit to Fishbone Tours’ conch garden, where you will learn about marinelife and enjoy a fresh conch salad prepared on board. Next, you will visit Starfish Lagoon to and then weather permitting, you will also go reef fishing for yellow tail, mutton fish and barracuda. The tour concludes with a visit to Savannah Sound. 

Fishbone Tours

Bonefishing brings together skill, finesse and stealth like no other form of fishing, and Eleuthera is one of the best places in the world to experience this thrilling activity.


Set out on the water for a guided deep sea excursion with local fishing experts.

Deep Sea Fishing

Experience bottom fishing in beautiful Spanish Wells with an exciting, guided fishing tour.

Bottom Fishing Deep Drop

Enjoy breathtaking views of Eleuthera while horseback riding along Harbour Island’s pink sand beaches. Price does not include transportation. 

Horseback Riding

Arrange a day trip or longer expedition to nearly any destination in the Bahamas.

Seaplane Charters

Island Highlights

Surfers Beach 

Surfers Beach is the most well known surfing beach in the Bahamas. A couple of miles south of Gregory Town on the Atlantic side this beach has a great left break over a deep reef. For those more interested in beachcombing, Surfers Beach also boasts some of the best sea glass collecting on the island. 

Hatchet Bay Cave

Hatchet Bay Cave is a mile long and filled with stalagmites and stalactites, which will take on the appearance of underground cathedrals in your torch light. Centuries-old graffiti of charcoal signatures line the walls. It’s recommended to tour with a cave guide.

The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve

This preserve is a 25-acre site that is used to raise the awareness of Bahamian plant diversity and bush medicine. The Preserve includes a visitor’s center and an education center. 

The Cow & The Bull 

The Cow & The Bull is a unique land formation located about a mile south of the Glass Window Bridge. Two large boulders resemble a bull with two cows from one angle and a bull with one cow from another. Both sets of boulders overlook the sea and when there is inclement weather on the island and wind passes through, the resulting roar sounds like a bull. 

Gaulding Cay Beach

Gaulding Cay Beach is a beautiful spot for a picnic or a day of swimming, snorkeling and relaxing. The sand is soft and smooth, and the water between the beach and small off-shore island is so shallow that you can walk out to it at low tide. 


Queen's Bath

Dramatic, crashing waves wash over and fill the warm, natural pools of the Queen's Bath. Round depressions, known locally as "moon pools," are natural rock formations that fill with water from the sweeping waves of the Atlantic. The water in the pools is clear and warmed by the sun, creating bath-like temperatures, perfect for soaking. 

Blue Hole   

Visit the world famous vertical caves while vacationing in The Bahamas. If you are planning to dive, it is required for you to have certification and cave diving experience. 

Preachers Cave 

Preacher's Cave is located at the northernmost tip of Eleuthera, where the first settlers of Eleuthera became shipwrecked in 1648. The 70 brave souls who fled England to seek religious freedom lost everything from their wrecked vessel and took refuge on this picturesque part of the island. The settlers built an alter at the cave and attempted to establish a community in the surrounding area, but unfortunately the land proved untenable. The cave is a short 30-minute drive north of The Cove and provides a fascinating peek into Eleuthera's history.

Glass Window Bridge

Drive or bike 4 miles north of the resort to explore the famous Glass Window Bridge, one of Eleuthera's most popular attractions. Often referred to as the "narrowest place on Earth," the man.