Incredible View at The Cove Eleuthera Bahamas

Better Every Day Retreat 


Better Every Day with Sarah Fragoso and Dr. Brooke

October 19-23, 2017

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Retreat Includes:

  • Four night – five day luxury accommodations at stunning The Cove
  • Dinner only, breakfast and lunch on your own
  • All taxes and tips at the hotel restaurants
  • Healthy snacks
  • Each participant will receive a Retreat Unlimited Swag Bag
  • Rates: 
  • $3,194 Double occupancy (shared accommodation/ per person)
  • $3,910 Single accommodation


Day 1

  • Arrival from airport to The Cove Eleuthera
  • Arrival Drink and Snack- Meet and Greet at the Resort
  • Intention Setting and Intimate Dinner


Day 2

  • Morning Yoga
  • Morning guided meditation with Sarah (30 minutes)
  • Breakfast
  • Too Tired to Be Happy- Dr. Brooke & Sarah (one hour lecture)
  • Lunch
  • Free Time- Time for Spa
  • Sarah- Mindfulness Practice ( one hour lecture)
  • Intimate Dinner

Day 3

  • Morning guided mediation with Sarah (30 minutes)
  • Body Weight Workout with Sarah & Dr. Brooke
  • Breakfast
  • Tour of Levy Preserve
  • Arrive back at the Resort
  • Downtime and Spa
  • Women & Stress with Dr. Brooke (one hour lecture)
  • Intimate Dinner 

Day 4

  • Morning Journaling Practice with Sarah (30 minutes)
  • Morning Workout
  • Breakfast
  • Finding What Works for You and Dr. Brooke (one hour lecture)
  • Down time and Spa – Lunch on Your Own
  • Your Relationship with Food with Sarah (one hour lecture)
  • Intimate Dinner

Day 5

  • Morning Body Weight Workout with Sarah & Dr. Brooke
  • Breakfast
  • One hour Retreat Wrap up and Final Q&A with Sarah & Dr. Brooke
  • Departures

Hosts Sarah Fragoso and Dr. Brooke 

Eight years ago a new lifestyle emerged for Sarah that created much needed positive momentum. After struggling with numerous health issues preceding the birth of her 3rd child, Sarah finally regained her health through ancestral eating and exercise and began to share her journey with others via the Internet when she started her blog and brand, Everyday Paleo. Sarah was the first woman to blog about living an ancestral lifestyle and became on overnight Internet sensation, reaching millions around the globe with her inspiring message and delicious recipes. Sarah has since become an International Best Selling Author of five cookbooks and has had the opportunity to cook with and learn from amazing chefs, from Michelin Star restaurateurs in Italy to cooking school chefs in Thailand.

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND), Dr. Brooke attended Seattle, Washington’s Bastyr University, where she earned a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. 

Dr. Brooke takes a balanced approach to health, using both conventional and alternative therapies. Metabolic nutrition, fat loss resistance, and fitness remain her area of focus and in her Manhattan clinic she primarily treats women with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism and PCOS – as well as other female hormone imbalances.
With these women she works to reset their hormones, their heads, and their habits, so they can finally feel at home in their bodies.

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